Sunday, November 14, 2010

Qatar Airways Male & Female Manila Assessment Day ~ Shortlisted candidates only (Nov. 14, 2010) / Pacquiao-Margarito Event

Main Event of the Evening

My husband and I decided to attend the earliest worship service, around 6 AM. Always put God above everything else :) I always seek HIS Guidance all the time. After church, we drive thru McDonald's and ordered breakfast meals. We went home around 8 AM. My hubby is so excited to watch the boxing event of Pacquiao-Margarito!! Me too! But yeah, I have to take a power nap, before going to the Assessment! I set the alarm at 11 AM, so I have enough time to prepare. I doze off around 10 AM... my eyes were glued on the Pinoy Exchange Forum regarding QR Updates, but was able to sleep afterwards. I had a hard time getting up, I'm such a sleepy head! So exactly 12 NN, I drove like crazy!! I don't want to be late for today's event! Thank God, I arrived at Diamond Hotel 30 minutes past 12. So I was assisted by the Concierge, because I got lost inside! I thought it still be held at Rizal Ballroom, but it was moved upstairs. I went to the registration table, and signed beside my name on the list, and handed my name with a number "8" on a white sticker. Afterwards, Ms. Rocel asked me to wait at the ...I'm not so sure if it's Ruby or Opal Room. So I went inside, and saw fellow applicants. All of them are gorgeous! We were around 50 for the afternoon batch, to be exact: 1 guy and 49 girls :) Lucky Guy indeed! For the morning batch, same number of applicants as well. We were waiting for almost an hour and a half. I got to know 2 of my seatmates, who are both stunning :) We talked about Qatar Airways Recruitment Process, what to expect. Before getting freezed to death, we were asked to line up outside the ballroom, which is warmer :p 15 minutes passed and we saw just 5 applicants from the earlier batch, which are included for tomorrow's Final Interview. We were instructed to sit wherever we want to. The AD started with a QR Presentation. Ms. Laura Paris (from Argentina) and Ms. Jillian Herft (from India, but grew up in Doha, Qatar) discussed Qatar Airways company background, the complete description of what we're applying for, benefits, rules and regulations and of course, salary :) I guess it took an hour for that thorough discussion. And then we were told to take a 15 minute break. All of us, made a very quick stop at the comfort room! It only has 3 cubicles, and yeah we're 50.. so there... I went back inside the ballroom, before 15 minutes ran out. They're strict with Time. So you have to manage the given time frame, because the ROs are keen on every move we make. Time check, 3:15, they gave us test booklets and papers, which is in alternate order. Test A - Test B - Test A. I got Test Booklet A. We were given 50 minutes to finish our exams. While answering the tests, we were called one by one, for the 212 cms. Reach Test without heels. Ms. Laura instructed us to take our shoes off, and just walk towards them with our stockings on. "Number 8", Ms. Laura said. I immediately responded without my shoes on, but with a growling stomach and left in the middle of the essay part. I passed the reach test, then they checked my skin and face. Asked if I have any birthmarks to declare, then Ms. Jillian asked, "What's this?", while pointing my noise, specifically my healed chickenpox scar, which I acquired when I was in 4th year High School. We go way back 1996... So there. I went back to my desk and finished the exam. "Times Up", Ms. Laura said. They said to wait outside and be back after an hour or less. They're about to do the Initial Cut :( The three of us went to the hotels Deli Bar and ordered coffee and food. I'm in a thrifty disposition for a month, and though I can't argue with the fact that my hunger is whetting my appetite, I bought Clubhouse Sandwich with fries on the side and a cup of coffee... It tastes like heaven... because I'm so hungry! So while trying to finish my food, I was worried that I won't make it, because of my facial scar :( Anyway, I wasn't able to eat everything on the plate, so I ended holding a huge paper bag! We got upstairs and then went inside the ballroom to hear the first cut of applicants who will be included for the next step. "If your number is called, please stay for the next activity." Then Ms. Laura called out "Number 8". OMG... that's my number!!! I zoned out for almost 5 mins... then I saw an acquaintance from PAL! We don't talk that much before, because we're both from different CSA Batch. Then we exchanged names and then she asked if I'm still connected with PAL. Moving on, we're down to 8. That's a big leap! So we were asked to form a big circle and they gave us a Group Activity. It's a test whether you can blend in with one another. Then after the activity, they let us wait again outside, because they will deliberate who gets in the Final Cut for tomorrow's Interview. Our hearts were pounding! We don't know what to expect! So after 15-20 minutes, Ms. Jillian called out the ones who are included for tomorrow's Final Interview. "Number 8" OMG.... to the 10th power! I kept nudging my friend, then her number was called out as well! :) And then we were 6.... We all felt bad for those who didn't make it :( But the ROs must make a decision... So they handed us different QR forms to be accomplished once we get into the medicals, after passing the Final Interview tomorrow. Then also hand-outs on what to expect from Qatar Airways, Rules and Regulations are also included in it. Then Ms. Laura and Ms. Jillian evaluated out 2x2 and Whole Body Photos. She told me to take another set of pictures with me tomorrow, because the ones I gave out are too bland, it seemed like I'm not wearing any make up at all. They want me to look great, by suggesting to wear a red lipstick and eyeshadow that will compliment my skin. Then after, they all wished us the best of luck for tomorrow. Went home around 7 in the evening! Then asked my hubby to take my pictures with his camera. Because I'm so dead tired and hungry :( By the way, Pacquiao won the fight! Proud to be Pinoy! :)

                                                            My Lucky Number 8 :)


                               I'm craving for Clubhouse Sandwich with fries on the side.. Yum!