Monday, December 6, 2010

IPAMS' Update (December 6, 2010)

Though I'm in cloud 9, I still doubt whether SM Lazo will forward my Medical Results right on. I stayed home, prepared necessary paper works in the office regarding SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig Fund Contributions of employees. Then around 2 PM, my hubby received a phone call from Ms. Rocel. She informed me that my Medical Results are forwarded to Qatar Airway's HR Department. Everything was cleared, except for the extremities (an extreme or severe measure) part. The Doctor jot all the birthmarks and scars she saw on my body and face. I was informed as per Ma'am Barbie's, to send them photos of the said flaws immediately to expedite the evaluation process. Ms. Rocel was clueless, because she didn't notice my healed chicken pox scar on my nose, but I'm confident with it, because Ms. Jillian declared on my application beforehand. My hubby is supportive enough to take shots of my birthmark on my left stomach, upper left arm, chicken pox scars on my nose, left and right cheeks, as well as my birthmoles at the back of my left leg and below my armpit. We were laughing our hearts out, because he knows that I hate to be taken pictures with, I ain't photogenic enough to satisfy his portfolio! :( So I sent them right away after he reduced the file size :) Hoping for the best! I so love Khubby, though I know he doesn't want me to go, but I need to because we so have family commitments to pay off, he shows his huge support in a mile :)