Thursday, December 9, 2010

The long wait is over (December 9, 2010)

It was a Thursday. I've been nervous for this whole recruitment thing, added another issue regarding my facial scars. I really am not sure whether they will approve it or not, because for all I know, Qatar Airways' is very strict on skin complexion. So around 2 PM, I checked my email, and then I'm so afraid of what I'll read inside the inbox... It's an email from Qatar Airways'.... Here's a screen shot....

Yahoo!! I'll be leaving on January 29, 2011! Though there's a condition that if my 7 degree Scoliosis Condition would worsen, QR won't be liable of any complications in the near future. So I confirmed this email and Ms. Barbie emailed that my Offer of Employment will arrive thru email next week! :) I'm so happy because most of us got the Golden Email!!! :) Thank you God :) Everyone's so happy! :) I'm fortunate to have them :) Though whenever I think of leaving it saddens me as well :( I'll be missing them, especially my hubby :( I'll just have to enjoy the rest of my days here :) The great part is that I'd spending Christmas and New Year 2011 here with them :) To God Be the Glory :)