Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Do you ever check the labels on H&M, Gap and Old Navy? It always say "Made in Bangladesh" and some in the Philippines of course. I searched for hours what to do and where to find these overrun pieces. As per Lonely Planet ~, "If you’re ready to haggle, then head for Banga Bazar , a block west of Gulistan bus ­station. Although some of the clothes are seconds, with small flaws, most are over-runs. Banga Bazar is usually closed on Friday, but always check." 

Roster came out early in May. I have DAC flight listed. Best about this layover is we get to spend 2 days out of Doha, for a breather. But eventually, my initial plan was nullified. A lot of us were so dead tired, ended up eating at a nearby Korean Restaurant than trying out the best dish this place has to offer. By the way, we get to ride a taxi cab, 6 of us managed to squeeze inside! I'm used to Manila Traffic, so it's no biggie.