Friday, June 10, 2011

Rome, Italy

Tick-tock. Two more hours and its a wrap. Logging your name on SBY list or Standby rather, can stir mixed commotions. It could be a taxing 2-4 leg turnaround or spend a layover somewhere peachy. Roster called. Flipping the pages of my Manual looking for F.C.O. = Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy! Packed everything on my Euro list. Arrived in the Crew Briefing Room where infos are being exchanged to check everyone's knowledge. Filipina CSD/Purser or Cabin Services Director rather, noticed that I wasn't wearing my coat! We'll be leaving in a few minutes for Cabin Preparations. I must find someone to borrow with or no go! Other crew members obliged to help, but then I ended up begging for a coat at the Grooming Department! And yes, Rome here I come!
I guess it was a 5-6 hour flight from Doha. While on board, my fellow crew and I planned what to do once we touch down in Rome. After checking-in, we freshened up and off to scout! Pasta + Gelato = Perfect!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lagos, Nigeria

I got this flight from Standby. Wasn't able to fact-find in an instant. The moment we arrived in Murtala Muhammed Airport, we were immediately accompanied by some officials to our hotel at Southern Sun Ikoyi. I guess it was past afternoon, so nothing much to see outside. What I really enjoyed about this layover was the free buffet! It was so good :-) Next time should I travel in Nigeria I will definitely see the following: