Friday, October 4, 2013

Emirates Cabin Services Assistant Preliminary Screening at IPAMS (Oct. 4, 2013)

More than 2 years has passed. There's such an agreement between QR (Qatar Airways), EK (Emirates Airline) and EY (Etihad Airways) not to hire ex-cabin crew from each respective airline unless the specified years above went by. I just learned about this post while checking IPAMS' website from time to time As per instruction on their job post, we need to secure an Online Reference Number prior Initial Interview. Here are the steps:

  1. Log on to
  3. Search for the job position - Cabin Services Assistant on this case and click APPLY NOW.
  4. Register and follow directions in filling out the required text fields with your personal information.
  5. After you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email from Emirates with your reference number. It may take a few days for you to receive an email with your ORN/Application No. 

I prepared my Resume, 1 pc. Passport Size Photo and 1 pc. Whole Body Picture 4R both with blue background. Around 8AM, I arrived at the venue (IPAMS New Office Location  ~ 723 Aurora Boulevard New Manila Quezon City). Dress code  ~ Business Attire, wearing nude stockings and pumps. By the time I arrived, half of the waiting room is already filled with other applicants. The agency's recruitment team started at exactly 9AM. 

1st Part ~ Height and Weight Check / Arm Reach Test:

Once you passed their minimum requirement (At least 5'2 in height, minimum arm reach of 212 cms on tiptoe, weight should be proportion to height) you will be endorsed for the Initial Interview. After assessing everything, they will collect your resume and photos. 

2nd Part ~ Initial Interview:

This is not an ordinary interview. They formed 3-6 groups consisting of 20-30 applicants each batch and ushered us into a vacant room where we introduced ourselves one by one infront of the other applicants. The recruiter will ask some questions regarding your personal and work experience.

After this part, they specifically asked us to wait for an email on Oct. 22nd. But we heard that it was moved on to a later date. They stated that we will receive a call/email within November instead.

If you've been wondering what CSA is, here's a summary:

The Position:
  • To monitor, organize, hygienically clean and personalize the A380 Shower Spas with the objective of ensuring each First Class customer who uses this unique onboard feature is delighted by the experience.
  • The primary area of responsibility is Shower Spa cleanliness and personalisation; however, maintenance of First, Business and Economy Class lavatories, First and Business Class Lounges and general cabin areas is also a responsibility of this role, all to project a positive company image to our customers.
  • The role is to clean designated aircraft areas and does not overlap with or replace normal Cabin Crew service duties.
  • The CSA will report to the Purser, or the SFS, should the Purser be on crew rest or otherwise unavailable. 

Job Outline:
  • Performs inventory control function confirming products are loaded in the correct quantities. This to ensure onboard facilities can be correctly serviced, in-flight replenishments can be made and a wide range of products will be available for customers to select from in using the facilities.
  • To monitor and check Shower Spa and lavatory cleanliness prior to passenger boarding placing appropriate amenity items to prepare for passenger use.
  • To promptly and hygienically clean the Shower Spas after every customer use with appropriate cleaning materials, using the CSA Checklist as a guide to meet required standards.
  • To prepare the Shower Spa for each customer in coordination with cabin crew at the allocated time from the Shower Spa Reservations System, with selected products displayed in the appropriate manner to delight customers who are using the facility.
  • Has through knowledge of the Shower Spa products, service and operation in order to assist cabin crew in introducing the Shower Spa to customers and engage with customers in a confident and friendly manner.
  • To ensure no customers enter the Shower Spa once it has being personalised for a customer's use and advise Purser if the Reservation System is running behind schedule. This will guarantee success of the Shower Spa Reservation System and maintain Shower Spa cleanliness for all our First Class customers.
  • To maintain clean and tidy lavatories by routinely completing the CSA Checklist to meet required standards and ensure all amenity items are available.
  • To create an aesthetically pleasing, clean and safe working environment by conducting cabin tidy duties in all passenger cabins and social areas.
  • To report any defects to the Purser so they can be rectified as soon as possible. To respect and protect company assets, the safety of colleagues and customers by immediately reporting any discrepancies, strange noises or smells, abnormal customer behavior, suspicious items to the nearest crew member so that this can be fully investigated.
  • To report for duty on time and ensure conformance to uniform regulations. Respect and obey the chain of command on ground and in-flight and perform duties as directed by the Purser.