Sunday, November 24, 2013

Air Asia Cabin Crew Manila Recruitment Part 2 (Nov. 24, 2013) / Pacquiao-Rios Event

Main Event of the Evening

Since I brought up Pacquiao-Rios fight, the whole time I was at the Air Asia Recruitment Event, I kept on thinking who won the match. As expected, Pac-Man did!

Sun came up. Going back to the same venue, we were asked to be there at 8:15AM. Though I'm not sure if we need to bring our lucky number stickers from yesterday's. I attached it on my notebook, just in case I needed one. As excited as we were, we managed to line up as early as 7:45AM. Around 8:45AM, Air Asia's Malaysian Recruiters entered the hall where approximately 200 applicants are called inside the room. They divided us into two (2) large groups. The first 100 applicants they called wore a red markered number sticker and transferred to another vacant room (FYI: Same number assigned to each. Fresh stickers). Then the 2nd group in which I belonged, stayed inside the room, we were given black markered ones. Now onto the next stage....

Fourth Stage ~ Question and Answer within 30 seconds Portion:

In this part, Five (5) Malaysian Recruiters are seated infront referred to as the panel. Once they mention your number, not necessarily in order, you need to choose a number between 1-555. Then they will read out loud the question you picked from the given numbers. Must answer within 30 seconds. I specifically chose number 89 because my AK Application # is 67 (6789 ~ get it?). My question was "How would you like to be remembered?". I'll give you a hint ~ like Lady Diana. So after every one was done answering, we were asked to stay outside other than the hallway. They will delibrate who stays or goes. ANTM Style. After 30 minutes, we went back to same room. They said out loud each number, sadly, who didn't make it. From 100, down to 40. Then they merge the two (2) groups. Opened the divider and we were down to 80 applicants.

Fifth Stage ~ Group Presentation:

We were asked to count from numbers 1-12. Formed us into twelve (12) groups do a short presentation  within a 5-minute timeframe. They gave us 1 hr. and 15 minutes to prepare. After the presentation, all of us were... OMG! A lot of us did a song and dance number, while others do some short skit about some scenario on-board. Other groups did some sort of an entertainment show. While we bump and grind on this part, the recruiters are very keen. They check each our faces and numbers. I guess they want to see who has the X-factor. Who has the guts to entertain people. After everyone was done, we were asked to be back at the same place after 15 minutes. At exactly 3:15PM, we were asked to form a big circle, while they announce who will continue. They announced only one (1) number which they awarded the best performer among the batch! Then announced that no one is eliminated! They explained us that not only Air Asia is hiring but Air Asia X as well. They will decide who goes for the turn-around flights (AK) and who does fit on long-haul flights (D7). They also firmly stated that whoever joins AK can apply for D7 after one (1) year of service.

Sixth Stage ~ Final Interview:

There were two (2) interviewers assigned for two (2) applicants who will be interviewed simultaneously. I guess there were twelve interviewers during that time. I was asked four (4) questions.

1. Can you cite an example where you experienced a quality kind of service?
2. What do you know about Air Asia?
3. Can you differentiate your previous airline, Qatar Airways from Air Asia?
4. Will it be ok to your spouse for you to be based in Malaysia?

After a series of questions, we were asked to wait in the vacant room together with the other applicants who are also done with the Final Interview. After everyone was finished, the recruiters thank us for coming to their massive event and advised us to check our emails. Results will be out within 1-2 weeks.   Also reminded us that they will be back for another recruitment early next year. Then an agency here in the Philippines introduced their team which is GAIC who will assist us if ever we get hired by AK/D7. All those who will receive an email early next week will be assigned to Air Asia X and Air Asia respectively. All in God's time so to speak :-)