Sunday, December 15, 2013

FA Support Group on Viber and Facebook

I am an avid follower/member even lurker of Steward/Stewardess/Flight Attendant's Thread on Pinoy Exchange Forum -
While waiting for some important announcements from other members, the response time was and still quite taking too much time to get posted. Good thing our fellow members from Pinoy Exchange: angel_curious ~ Angel, was able to organize a blended group (Aspiring Flight Attendants + Current and Ex-Cabin Crews from Local/International Airlines) on Viber Chat and on Facebook (Secret Group) with the help of flyhighprincessa ~ Lalaine. Be on the know 24/7 by posting a comment or sending a Private Message here or better yet on Pinoy Exchange Forum to angel_curious or flyhighprincessa. Get those info flying in real-time!