Saturday, November 13, 2010

Qatar Airways Male & Female Manila Open-Day CV Submission Day (Nov. 13, 2010)

It was a memorable evening last night. I celebrated my Birthday with my family. I haven't seen any of my friends for a month. Everyone's busy with their lives. So there it was... I have this huge white cake from Costa Brava, with a single candle on top, everybody's singing a birthday song, before putting it off, I made a wish... And the next day, I dragged myself out of the bed as early as 5 AM. It's Qatar Airways Open Day. Anyway, I wore my Short-Sleeved White Blouse and Black Suit and Pumps. I decided to prepare everything before leaving. Left around 6:30 AM. I was there at exactly 7 AM. When I got there, the first batch of applicants entered the ballroom. I was included in the 2nd batch of applicants who lined up for the OD. They did hold the line for about 30 minutes. As I await my turn to register, I browsed my facebook and replied those who greeted :) So by the time, I was busy surfing, we're called in. An hour and a half passed, and the recruiters entered the ballroom. 2 Filipinas, who are from IPAMS and the other 2 are from Qatar Airways, both foreign. I was called by the IPAMS Recruitment Officer, asked questions about my previous employment, answered promptly and said thank you.  Those who will advance on the next screening process, which is Assessment,  will receive a call later in the afternoon. So I got home around 11 AM, and slept for a couple of hours, because I have to meet up with my Highschool Bestfriend, whom I haven't seen for...roughly, 13 years. So I went to the hotel where she's staying at, met her husband and 2 wonderful kids. Time flies so fast... they already have children of their own, she has grown into a mature and responsible woman :) While I was chit-chatting with them, my phone rang... excused myself and ran towards the Anahaw Plant near the pool area and answered the call! It's from IPAMS!! As I answered the call, she told me that I am part of tomorrow's assessment day at 1 PM which will be held again in the same venue. All I said was, "Thank You Ma'am, Thank You :) OMG... I am one of the candidates for the next day's AD :) So there, I joined their chit-chat after the call. They thought my husband called, so I just said "Yes"! I  don't want to pre-empt, so decided to keep mum about it.. 

                                                        from IPAMS Website

                                                          The Golden Call