Thursday, May 7, 2015

Los Angeles, CA

Day 1: 

Endured a 17 hour long haul flight and an 8 hour lay over at Incheon Airport all for A380! Inspite of these, yes.. resting will never be possible. Much anticipated spring break starts now!

So little time, so much to do, see and explore! Upon our arrival at LAX airport, my quick-thinking uncle were able to tour us around Rodeo Drive where famous films were shot. I was hoping to bump someone from Hollywood while crossing the streets of Beverly Hills. High-end shops and luxury cars swarming around this posh drive. To maximize our first day in LA, we went out for an hour drive to Hollywood Blvd. We started walking around when I couldn't bear my tummy. Yes I was literally a can soda ready to burst! Tough luck.

And there goes IN-N-OUT..not even a thought to pass on! We had Double Double from the menu. Two (2) 100% pure beef patties plus two (2) slices of cheese and ordered non-greasy fries on the side. Ended the day on a happy note with some Gas-X :-)

Day 2: 

Jet lag hasn't kicked in yet but we know for sure it will knock us out for days. Live for the moment as it was time for us to get up and spin around Los Angeles on our 2nd day! It was a sunny Friday morning but windy at times. My relatives live on the breezy uplands where mostly anyone could spend most of the time there and glance not only on the perfectly-shaped landscape fronting the porch but even on the amazing mountain and city views in any direction you can find or just play backyard mini-golf. Mediterranean-inspired houses line up in this Southern part of California. Not to mention, I am very impressed with the Spanish-style interior the moment I entered their lovely home.